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Best of Both Worlds

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CamerasOn today’s Internet, video is king and still photography has taken a backseat. More people are getting their news from the Internet as opposed to subscribing to the print newspaper. Many newspapers are in trouble because of this trend. They’ve been forced to cut jobs and to do more with less thus requiring their photographers to now double-duty and become videographers as well as photographers.

Now not only do photographers have to carry multiple lenses, bodies, flash, spare batteries, and compact flash cards for their still cameras, they have to tote a video camera as well. While shooting for a local high school football team a few weeks ago, I spoke with a photographer from our local newspaper about this. He said that it was a huge burden in that he had to learn how to use the video camera to produce a quality video that would be used on the paper’s site. He then had to learn how to edit the video and get it uploaded to the paper’s web site in a timely matter. Oh yeah, he still had to get stills from the game as well. He also gave me a little inside information saying that there was light at the end of the tunnel, as major players in the world of digital SLR cameras were about to make his job easier.


Video Panoramas From Your Camera

I posted a bit ago about making panorama pictures from your photo. But the always impressive has stepped it up a notch. This morning, they posted a tutorial on How to Make Video Panoramas from Your Digital Camera’s Video Clips. They call them Videoramas.

Videos of car crashes see!

Head to their post for a sample and instructions.

The Photoblogs I Follow

One of the ways I get inspired is by looking at photos from others. In order to keep a good stream of nice photos, I subscribe to a few photoblogs using NetNewsWire Lite. For the most part, these photoblogs update with a photo a day and it’s just a nice way to see what others are doing with their talent.

In case you are interested, here are the photoblogs I subscribe too.

  • – the most enjoyable one by far. His portraits are great. Take some time to look at his archives and you’ll be very impressed.
  • Mexican Pictures – There is so much color and personality in these photos.
  • Ten Years Of My Life – This photos are just of everyday life, but they are colorful and sharp.
  • – Mostly black and white city life.

I also have my own photoblog but it’s not updated nearly as often. I will usually post up a few pictures after trips.

I’d be interested to hear of any photoblogs that you enjoy. And don’t be afraid to share your own as well.

Extend Your Arm With Quikpod


I just read about this product that may be interesting to travelers.

The Quikpod is basically a monopod with a twist. Literally.

The Quikpod basically acts as an extension of your arm. It holds the camera at an angle so when you hold it out, it lines directly up with you and your friends. This avoids the need to hand your $2000 DSLR camera to a stranger and ask them to take your picture. And it provides better results than holding the camera out with your arm.

Just an interesting product that can also be useful. It goes for $24.95.

Panoramas with Photoshop CS3

I just returned from San Francisco, which I believe is one of the most photogenic cities in the world. Unfortunately, I didn’t get much time to shoot since I was at Macworld most of the time.

However, one morning a friend and I took the early bus to Treasure Island. I have been out there many times, but never as the sun was rising and I wanted to see that.

My point in going was to get a nice skyline photo so I could try the new “Auto-Align” and “Auto-Blend” features in Photoshop CS3. Even though my hands were shaking in the cold and a huge ship tried to block my view, I was able to take a few shots as the sun was rising.

When I got back to my computer, I opened up Photoshop CS3 to stitch together the shots. I couldn’t believe how easy it is to do it. It was really just three steps.

1) Open all the photos to the same project.
2) Select all layers and choose “Auto-Align”
3) Choose “Auto-Blend”

That is seriously all that I did and I was amazed at how well the photos were stitched. Even with the morning sky being list from left to right, the blending was good.

You can see my photo below: (click to enlarge)

Also, my friend took a nice panorama while he was in line for the keynote. He also used CS3 to stitch the photos.


National Wildlife Federation Photo Contest


The National Wildlife Federation recently released the winners of their photo contest and they are a joy to look at. I’ve always been a fan of wildlife photography because animals have so much character, and their eyes are usually deep which is a big part of photography.

One of the winning photos is pictured above and you can see the rest here.

One of my favorite wildlife photos I ever took is below. It was taken on the pier in Oceanside, CA where my family has a condo. I’d love to see any wildlife photos that you have. You can leave a link in the comments or just add the photos to the FreeMacPhoto Flickr Pool.

You looking at me?

Flickr Set of a Creative Tourist

A FMP reader sent in a link to a great set on Flickr. Flickr user michael_hughes’ has travelled to different tourist locations around the world. But, rather than posting direct shots of the attractions, he purchases souveniers and places them directly in the place of the real attraction. For instance, above you see a toy Eiffel Tower exactly displacing the real one.

What a great idea! Now it has me thinking of what type of photo I should take on my trips to I have a consistent collection like this one.

The whole set is wonderful, you can see it here.

Photos On Your Cans

Photojojo came up with another winner today. The give some step by step instructions to put photos on that old can of Lima beans that has been sitting in your pantry. Their example are great.

If you’re looking for a cool way to fill up the shelves on your entertainment center, this could look real neat.

Read More: Transform a Tin Can into a Simple Photo Frame in 15 Minutes

Time Lapse Photography With A Pclix

Time lapse videos are so interesting to me. I love to watch as a flower quickly blooms or clouds swiftly move across the sky. If you’ve ever wanted to create something like this with your digital camera, you ought to check out the Pclix LT1000.

With the Pclix LT100 you can trigger the shutter of a digital camera every second or every hundred hours plus anywhere in between all in one second increments.

What a great idea. It’s a little pricey ($140) but it does work with a huge list of cameras. You can buy it here.

PS, you’re not limited to just videos with this. Over on “daily dose of imagery” I saw the coolest photo that was created with the Pclix. Check it out here.