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CamerasOn today’s Internet, video is king and still photography has taken a backseat. More people are getting their news from the Internet as opposed to subscribing to the print newspaper. Many newspapers are in trouble because of this trend. They’ve been forced to cut jobs and to do more with less thus requiring their photographers to now double-duty and become videographers as well as photographers.

Now not only do photographers have to carry multiple lenses, bodies, flash, spare batteries, and compact flash cards for their still cameras, they have to tote a video camera as well. While shooting for a local high school football team a few weeks ago, I spoke with a photographer from our local newspaper about this. He said that it was a huge burden in that he had to learn how to use the video camera to produce a quality video that would be used on the paper’s site. He then had to learn how to edit the video and get it uploaded to the paper’s web site in a timely matter. Oh yeah, he still had to get stills from the game as well. He also gave me a little inside information saying that there was light at the end of the tunnel, as major players in the world of digital SLR cameras were about to make his job easier.

The marriage of still photography and video is now no longer a dream but a reality. In late August, Nikon introduced the D90, the first DSLR to offer video recording capabilities up to 720p HD resolution and 12.3 megapixel image quality. Not to be outdone, in September, Canon announced the EOS 5D Mark II, which can produce video in 1080p HD resolution and 21.1 megapixel image quality. This breakthrough in technology allows photographers to use the current lenses that they have to be used to shoot video, with no real learning curve. Not only that, the prices of these cameras is relatively cheap compared to video cameras that produce similar quality of video. The Nikon D90 will have an expected street price of US$999.95 and the Canon 5D MarkII will have an expected street price of US$2699.

This will not only benefit the professionals out there but general consumers as well. Gone will be the days of having to juggle a video camera and a still camera to capture birthdays, holidays, vacations, graduations or any special occasion making life simpler for everyone.

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