Benro Tripods Coming to the US

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There’s a chance that you’ve heard of a company called Benro and their quality tripods that they’re renowned for. If you haven’t heard of them don’t feel too bad, up until now they’ve only released their product in China. However, their product is now coming to the US by way of MAC Group.

Jeff Karp, Benro Product Marketing Manager states the reasoning for adding Benro to their lineup, “The high quality, innovative designs and exceptional value make Benro the perfect choice for demanding photographers on a budget.”

Benro has been clamored over because of their capabilities to design tripods that are of high quality and affordability. They are able to do this using different materials than other tripod manufacturers. They combine the stability of carbon fiber, with the financial feasibility of aluminum to craft a solid product that won’t put a huge dent in your wallet.

Along with price and quality, functionality is a reason to give Benro a try. Their tripods are easy to carry, and allow for compact traveling. Check out Benro’s site to check out their products.

[via: Shutterbug]

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